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5 Sakura Songs by Vocaloid

March 25, 2010


5 Sakura Songs by Vocaloid? First let me explain what a Vocaloid is.Vocaloid is a vocal-synthesizing software developed and released by Yamaha back in 2004. If you still don’t get it, it is basically a non-human voice creation software. I hope I made that clear. This brilliant piece of software has been used mainly to […]

Toyota Installs Brake Override System

March 12, 2010


Toyota Motor Corporation and 6 other major Japanese car manufacturers installs brake override system on all of the models that they will release. The system will work by stopping the car even if the accelerator is still depressed. It’s about time I think and I wonder why is it the safety measures are always the […]

Japanese Show No Love for Google Buzz

March 11, 2010


Japanese show no love for Google Buzz according to the survey conducted by iBridge Research Plus and reported by Please note that the survey data doesn’t reflect the Google Services in general but only focuses on Google Buzz alone. I won’t find the results surprising, first of all the Japanese people tend to use […]

Toshiba’s New iPad Clone

March 11, 2010


Toshiba’s New iPad Clone? I mean I love my Toshiba laptop but I don’t think developing an iPad-like device is something that I would look forward to on its release late this year or early 2011. via Akihabara News and here are the rest of the Japan hyperlinks today: Leonardo DiCaprio arrive at Narita Airport […]

New Japanese Micro-blog vs Twitter

March 4, 2010


I don’t use Twitter. But I have a Twitter account, to reserve my ever famous user name in case someone gets clever and hijack it. LOL. Back to the topic, the Japanese only blogging service Ameba just released what appears to be a decent Twitter challenger called Ameba Now. For sure it’s gonna lose since […]

Slaves of the Japanese Gaming Industry

March 3, 2010


I’m not much of a gamer but I’m sure I played my share and played it well. Programming video games is cool but I suck at programming so I know it’s not for me. But to work for Nintendo? how about Sony? No? how about a full time job at Square Enix? For a hardcore […]

Guide to Akihabara

May 13, 2007


Akihabara, the name itself interested me the first time I heard about it and more when I knew what it is. New Discovery of Akihabara offers a video guide of the place every geeks/otakus consider as an earthly version of heaven. A PDF map is also available but it honestly dissapointed me or they could […]