Policewomen in Miniskirts

Posted on March 11, 2010


Policewomen in miniskirts? that’s more like it. As long they’re cute, sweet and Japanese they can arrest me anytime. But this is a far much better news because a new reflexology salon in Akihabara is going to provide their services to exhausted customers using cute Japanese girls wearing police uniforms that are very much shorter than usual. The salon police is called Action! Akiba Fumimomi Police they will massage the customers hands and feet and according to Planetplan official, the company that owns salon, 

Our purpose is to give stressed-out workers some enjoyment away from the grind of their daily jobs and heal them.

The massage routine unlike the traditional menu will be themed after police procedures. Including basic punishment or you can ask your personal policewoman to get your jail sentence immediately.And if your experience is not enough you can just ask her to rearrest you and all the procedures will be repeated.

via Japan Today

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