Japan Have A Red Pepper Flavored Kit Kat

Posted on March 5, 2010


That didn’t surprise me. Actually Nestle Japan had given in to this one due to popular demand. Let’s just say the Japanese like to taste their favorite food, in this case, Kit Kat in different varieties as possible.
The one we have here is Ichimi Kit Kat. Ichimi means red pepper which I think comes from Shichimi which is a common Japanese spice mixture containing seven different ingredients, but all chili based I think. I’m not sure if Ichimi Kit Kat has only chili flavor or it has another variations. Mike Sheetal over at Hit Flavor said that it has the chili taste it promises on the package but it’s pretty mild. But still, this is really making me curios, could someone send one to me? anyone? please? LOL.

via Tokyo Mango

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