Japanese Lotus Tattoo

Posted on March 2, 2010


Japanese tattoos had always fascinated me. I specifically like the single Kanji character and symbols. They are simple and less cluttered but meaningful (as long as you get the right character and its correct meaning). Although I don’t like large complex tattoos I do admire its focus on details.

The Japanese Lotus is a feminine tattoo but what interests me most about it is that it has a beautiful meaning. It symbolizes a new beginning, after overcoming an obstacle or hardship in one’s life. Or shall I say turning over a new leaf, a fresh start. In a woman’s case, during ancient times a woman gets tattooed with a Lotus after she gave birth to her first born child. In Japanese communities the Lotus symbolizes a new life in general.

The Japanese Lotus tattoo is mostly tattooed on a woman’s lower back, with the vines drawn to reach up to her shoulders and with round edges to make it very feminine.

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